About Us

Perfect Fit Background Checks is an employment screening and background check company based in Austin, Texas, servicing the entire United States. We offer a wide range of searches and services, such as criminal background checks, education and employment verifications, driving history checks, drug screenings, physical exams, reference checks, and social media searches. 

While our team and platform have been around for more 15 years, the Perfect Fit brand was born in 2021 when our owners Travis Reiter and Rachael Sperling recognized a large gap in the market. Small and medium-sized businesses not only pay more than large businesses for the same product, but they also often struggle to get the customer support they need. Perfect Fit is here to fix that.

Our Commitment

At Perfect Fit Background Checks, we provide accurate and affordable background screening services tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized business owners. When you need help, there will be a real person available to assist you by call, text, live chat, or email, whatever communication method you prefer.  Our experienced team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends, ensuring your data is secure, and delivering exceptional customer service. We believe in transparency, honesty, and integrity, and our goal is to help you make informed hiring decisions that benefit your business.

Our Values

We also believe in supporting every job applicant on their journey to find work. Applicants with criminal records can experience collateral consequences when looking for meaningful employment. We give 5% of profits to organizations creating opportunities and providing re-entry services for people impacted by the criminal justice system.

Travis Reiter


Travis is an analytical problem solver with 13 years of experience in sales and account management. Perpetually curious, he wants to know how everything works and enjoys wearing the many hats of small business ownership. He loves gardening, playing the piano, and gathering friends around the table for a home cooked meal and board game.

Rachael Sperling


Rachael is a Type-A Creative with ten years of experience in advertising and communications. Rachael’s passions include sustainability, supporting fellow small businesses, especially women-founded and owned, and planning adventures for friends and family.

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Price transparency. Finally.

We recently published our Background Check Price Transparency Report, where we report our findings from hundreds of market survey submissions.

The big one? Small businesses pay 53% more than large businesses for the same product.


The good news is that we’re here to help.

See more in the free report here >>