Affordable Background Checks For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses



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Quickest and cheapest option, though not as comprehensive.

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Most records live at the county level, making this a great option.


Build a custom package to meet your needs. Below are some of the more popular add-on searches.

*A note on pass-through fees. The price shown is the package price for our service and does not include additional fees that may be charged by the county, state, or entity that is providing the information. The four common searches with fees include County Criminal, Driving History, Employment Verification, and Education Verification. For County Criminal searches, this will vary from candidate to candidate based upon which counties they have lived in and from which you are pulling records. Currently, around 12% of counties charge a fee while about 88% do not. The ones that do charge a fee can range from $0.75 in some Colorado counties up to $95 for some counties in New York City. The median fee is about $14. Want to know what the average fees are in the regions you frequently pull from? Schedule a chat with us!

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Price transparency. Finally.

We recently published our Background Check Price Transparency Report, where we report our findings from hundreds of market survey submissions.

The big one? Small businesses pay 53% more than large businesses for the same product.



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