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Henry Lopez chats with Perfect Fit owner-operator Travis Reiter about his entrepreneurial journal and all about background checks and the questions small business owners often have. What are they exactly, and when and how should you use them to help you make better hiring decisions. 

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A range of fees from third-party sources can impact your final bill. What's the deal with background check fees? And how can you know what to expect?

Are you a new business owner or new to the hiring process? Here’s a quick overview of when and why to run a background check on new and existing employees.

Adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act is crucial to your hiring and promotion process. Here we’ll cover the FCRA basics and two key things to keep in mind.

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Price transparency. Finally.

We recently published our Background Check Price Transparency Report, where we report our findings from hundreds of market survey submissions.

The big one? Small businesses pay 53% more than large businesses for the same product.


The good news is that we’re here to help.

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