How to Run a Background Check on Yourself

If an employer or organization requires a self-check, follow this three-step process to run a personal background check. 

3 easy steps to getting your personal background check:


Confirm needed info


Input your details


Receive your check via email

Let's get started!

First: Confirm Needed Info

Many organizations simply require a basic check, which includes:

  • Social Security Number Trace & Address History
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Global Watchlists
  • Nationwide Criminal Records Database

The cost of this package is $16.00 and results are delivered in under 24 hours.

Need more than a basic check? Let's chat about it.

Background Check Price Transparency Report 2023 Preview Thumbnail

Price transparency. Finally.

We recently published our Background Check Price Transparency Report, where we report our findings from hundreds of market survey submissions.

The big one? Small businesses pay 53% more than large businesses for the same product.



See more in the free report here >>